Sistani Stresses Unity over Sectarianism

Second, volunteering is a public duty that aims to fill the shortage security agencies are facing in order to fight the enemies. Volunteering is not for everybody and is used according to need. Also, school and college students should stay away from this issue and dedicate their time to education.

Third, volunteering should be legally and meticulously governed to avoid chaos and illegal acts, such as granting militias a role.

Sistani’s office later issued a statement asking “all citizens, specially in the mixed areas where Sunnis and Shiites exist together, to exercise the highest degree of restraint and work on strengthening the bonds of love between each other, and to avoid any kind of sectarian behavior that may affect the unity of the Iraqi nation and all kind of armed manifestations outside of the official Iraqi army."

Moreover, Sistani’s office officially asked the TV channels to remove his photo from their programs and reports and put the Iraq map up instead to remind people of the unity of Iraq.

Two parties to the conflict aim to transform the current situation into a sectarian confrontation. The first group is made up of Sunni extremists, including armed groups and religious figures. The second group is composed of Shiite extremists, including Shiite militias and their supporters. Furthermore, external groups that are supportive of this sectarian inclination have begun to support it and expand its scope.

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