KRG President Barzani welcomes John Kerry

On the fight against terrorist groups, the President stated: "The people of Kurdistan are against terrorism in all shapes and forms and have been the victims of terrorism themselves, but the fight against terrorism has been a pretext for sectarian rivalries and we cannot be part of this. The Peshmerga forces are responsible for the protection of Kurdistan and there have been constant threats from terrorist groups and the Peshmerga forces have made sacrifices and they are always ready to confront these threats.”

President Barzani further added, “Any solution to the current crisis in Iraq ought to be on the basis of the new realities. If there still is an opportunity for Shia and Sunnis to work together based on the new realities, then it would be much easier to confront the terrorists. "

Secretary Kerry urged the President to continue his leadership role in the Iraqi political process and added that if there is progress in the political process, the United States would then assist Iraq in its fight against terrorism.

President Barzani and Secretary Kerry emphasized the need for political solutions prior to military solutions.

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