KRG to Begin Work on Referendum

Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani visited the Iraqi Kurdistan Parliament yesterday, requesting the Parliament to immediately undertake the task of creating an independent electoral commission for the Region, and to begin preparations for holding a referendum for the people of Kurdistan to decide their future.

In his remarks to the Parliament, the President urged Members of Parliament to “promptly create an independent electoral commission and to begin preparations for holding a referendum to determine the future, as this would strengthen our hand.

The time has come for us to determine our future; we should no longer wait for others to determine our future. In the meantime, we will do whatever we can to help Shia and Sunnis to save the country from this crisis.”

The President stated that the wrong policies of the Iraqi government and the collapse of the Iraqi Army have caused the current security crisis in the governorates of Anbar, Ninewa, Salahaddin, and Diyala.

He said that four days prior to the events in Mosul the KRG offered to cooperate with Baghdad to confront the terrorist groups, but this was rejected by Baghdad.

Regarding the deployment of Peshmerga forces to the disputed areas, the President said that all of these areas are now under the control of Peshmerga forces. He added, “The Peshmerga forces are there to protect the people of those areas and they will not be pressured into withdrawing.

We will protect these areas and we are also ready to help both Shia and Sunnis to save them from this crisis, but this can only be achieved with new people who believe in co-existence, democracy, and the Constitution.

This cannot be done with people who have destroyed the country.”

(Source: KRG)

One Response to KRG to Begin Work on Referendum

  1. Whistle blower 4th July 2014 at 19:27 #

    PM al-Maliki will not only cause the split of Iraq but of the shia Alliance. He supported Sarkhi in Karbala against al-Sistani and now he is offering Sarkhi for the great cause of being in power as PM.

    The Shia Alliance will be spltted when they refuse to be managed by al-Maliki. I do not believe that Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, nor Ammar al-Hakkim nor Moqtada al-Sadr alone can put al-Maliki away from the PM job.

    The difficult part of this power game is that Baghdad is in jeopardy for Isis and the only responsible for the collapse of the Iraqi Army does not take any responsibility and blame everyboy else but himself and his son in the security department.

    If al-Maliki is not replaced by somebody else in Iraq, foreigners will do it no matter how strong al-Maliki believes he is.

    So the question is if the battle for Baghdad will be performed by shias under al-Maliki or some common sense from our neighbors will kick him out as PM since it seems that there is not enough power to replace him among the shia politicians.

    So the next 14 days will be decisive in this matter