Ergil Completes DNO Summail Contract

By John Lee.

Turkish engineering company Ergil has announced that it has successfully completed manufacturing of storage tanks and storage tank equipment for DNO’s Summail Gas Project -- the first gas field developed by DNO in the Kurdistan Region.

The scope of the order included supply of insulated amine storage tank, teg storage tank, portable storage tank, RO water tank, amine run down tank and teg run down tank equipped with electrical heaters.

Oktay Altunergil, CEO of ERGIL, commented:

It was a great pleasure and experience to work with DNO in the past and I am very pleased that our business set to continue.

"DNO is the fastest growing producer and the number one in proved and probable reserves of oil and gas in Kurdistan.

"We are excited to be involved in DNO’s projects again by supplying ERGIL’s world class quality products and services.

(Source: Ergil)

3 Responses to Ergil Completes DNO Summail Contract

  1. Dave 13th August 2014 at 13:06 #

    I remember that there was a big splash when DNO signed the gas sales agreement with the KRG last year but I have not heard anything public that the Summail field has turned completely dry and now there is no gas there at all. I would imagine this would have a big impact on the markets but it seems odd that there is no public news on the story. is there a reason for this?