Royal Jordanian Resumes Flights to Iraq

By John Lee.

Royal Jordanian (RJ) has announced the resumption of its service to Iraq, after suspending it for 24 hours for security concerns.

As of Sunday, RJ resumed its regular operation to Baghdad, Erbil and Basra, while it is expecting to resume flights to Suleimaniyah soon.

RJ operates regular flights to five Iraqi cities; 11 weekly flights to Baghdad, nine to Erbil, four to Basra, four to Suleimaniyah and two weekly flights to Mosul. The flights to Mosul have been already suspended since June 10.

The number of destinations that RJ is still halting due to security reasons and instability in the region counts seven, including Damascus, Aleppo, Tripoli, Benghazi, Misrata, Tel Aviv and Mosul.

(Source: RJ)

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