Petroceltic: KRG Operations Update

By John Lee.

Multinational oil and gas exploration and production firm Petroceltic International have announced an update for their ongoing operations in the Kurdish region of Iraq.

They note that some precautions are being taken and the current crisis is being closely watched.

The company also have operations across the Middle East-North Africa region (MENA) the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. An official statement noted:

In conjunction with Hess Middle East New Ventures our partner and the operator of our exploration activities in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq we have been closely monitoring recent events in the region. While these developments have not directly impacted our exploration activities to date, in line with other operators in the region, it has been decided, as a precautionary measure, to temporarily secure and suspend operations (including the drilling of Shireen-1 exploration well in the Dinarta licence) and to evacuate non-essential personnel.

(Source: Petroceltic)

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