Situation complex as Maliki digs in

By John Lee.

On Sunday at midnight, Iraq's embattled PM Nouri al-Maliki issued a defiant speech claiming his constitutional right to remain at the helm of his crisis hit country.

Tellingly, he warned his political foes they were effectively with the terrorists, and the speech was described by one Iraq analyst on twitter as akin to a "Hitler in the bunker" moment.

In a significant move, the PM claimed the recently elected President of Iraq Fouad Massoum had acted unconstitutionally by not selecting him as the PM, given that he heads the largest bloc in Parliament.

Twitter has been awash with rumor and speculation about what will happen next, while some media reports early this morning indicated that Maliki might be using loyalist Iraqi Security Forces to control key government infrastructure in the capital.

A US official was quick to dismiss such reports, however, and Maliki has been warned by John Kerry not to interfere with any decision made by President Massoum.

A the time of writing, various sources including the Wall Street Journal are reporting that the State of Law Coalition have nominated Hayder-al-Abadi to be the next PM. Iraq Business News is watching this changing situation and will be careful to only report verified information.

(Source: Reuters)


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