Troops Secure Haditha Refinery and Dam

By Patrick Schmidt.

The Iraqi government has announced that security forces have reclaimed the K3 Refinery in Haditha. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) had occupied the facility and expelled its staff from the area.

Security officials announced that they had killed a number of militants and were now inspecting the facility prior to allowing workers and engineers back onsite.

Haditha has been the site of fierce fighting, located north west of Ramadi, and the town has seen local Sunni fighters battle alongside Shi'a dominated government army units.

However, due to Haditha's location near ISIL controlled Ninewa province and Iraq's dangerous western desert, some officials worry the town may yet fall to ISIL.

Haditha is also the site of a key dam (pictured) downstream of the recently recaptured Mosul dam. According to The Wall Street Journal some US officials are considering air strikes to help secure Haditha dam.

The recapture of the refinery is crucial since the facility provides the province with petroleum products ranging from natural gas to fuel oil.

(Source: Al Shorfa,WSJ)


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