City Master Planning in Iraq

By John Lee.

The Guardian has recently run a feature on Garsdale Design, a family business based in Yorkshire, England, who have been working on projects in Iraq since 2007.

The business is led by father and son team Eliot and Derrick, who have used cutting edge 3d modelling software to make plans for cities in southern Iraq, including Kut, Nasiriyah and Kufa.

The company mostly work remotely, but have also worked with a number of Iraqis over the years to transfer concepts such as "smart cities" to Iraq and ensure the continuation of planning when the company move on to other projects.

It is this close relationship with Iraqis that the company has built up that has given Eliot Hartley confidence in Iraq's future. Hartley concluded the interview by noting,

“Especially now that a new government is being formed, our principal contacts believe that Iraq will stay together.Iraq has such a capacity to be a great nation and I hope the people I have met can be supported to achieve that.”

(Source: The Guardian)

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