Arkansas, Kerbala Unis in Cooperation Agreement

The University of Arkansas in the United States, and the University of Kerbala in Kerbala, Iraq, have established a formal agreement of cooperation that is intended to further the academic objectives of each institution.

Moneer Habeeb Tolehphih, chancellor at the University of Kerbala, signed the agreement during a visit to the University of Arkansas and was accompanied by Zuhair Mangoushi, vice chancellor for scientific affairs, Ayyed Almohammed, dean of the veterinary school and professor Tahani Alsandook, cultural attaché for the Iraqi Cultural Office in Washington, D.C.

Under the agreement, the universities will work to develop programs for exchanging academic, research or other educational materials. The agreement also calls for the development of programs for the University of Kerbala to send students to the U of A. Collaborative programs, seminars and research activities will be encouraged and supported under the agreement as well.

Additionally, the universities will explore opportunities for their respective faculty members, visiting student researchers and administrators to be in residence at the other institution for the purposes of lecturing, conducting research and developing their academic or administrative skills.

A total of 31 students from Iraq are enrolled at the U of A for the fall 2014 semester, including 30 on the graduate level who are sponsored by one of three scholarships awarded by the Iraqi government. In addition, there are 17 students enrolled at the Spring International Language Center who will begin their academic program at the U of A once they complete the required English proficiency level. Spring International partners with the university to provide intensive English and cross-cultural education to foreign students.

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