Arkansas, Kerbala Unis in Cooperation Agreement

The agreement was the result of efforts by Douglas Rhoads, director of the U of A graduate program in cell and molecular biology, and Adnan Al-Rubaye, associate director of the cell and molecular biology program, to increase opportunities for sponsored students from Iraq at U of A.

The initiative was funded by Sharon Gaber, provost and vice chancellor for academic affairs, and coordinated with Gloria Flores Passmore, director of sponsored student programs, and Lynn Mosesso, director of the office of graduate recruitment and graduate and international admissions.

This visit was part of an overall initiative by the Graduate School and International Education to grow the Iraqi student population at the U of A by attending Education USA Recruitment Fairs in Iraq, working with the Iraqi Cultural Office and attending the U.S.-Iraq Higher Education Conference in Washington.

Al-Rubaye holds two degrees from the University of Baghdad and was the first Iraqi government-sponsored Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research scholar at the U of A. He earned a doctorate in cell and molecular biology and a master’s degree in science education at the U of A in 2013.

“The agreement with the University of Kerbala is great step forward to help the University of Kerbala benefit from the research and academic advancements available at the University of Arkansas,” Al-Rubaye said. “University of Kerbala faculty members and staff are excited to start this collaboration and looking forward to a stronger relationship with our university.”

The University of Kerbala was founded in 2002 and comprises 16 colleges, including a College of Medicine. The public university has grown to an enrollment of 12,000 students, including 2,143 graduate students.

(Source: University of Arkansas)

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