Hana Sadeq: An Iraqi Success Story

By Sana Bekki.

This is an extract from an article originally published by Nina Iraq, and is reproduced here with permission.

I met with Hana Sadeq, the Ambassador of Arab fashion in Amman.

Hana’s kaftans and abayas represent business success. However, by opening a window to the all-too-often hidden charm of Arab women, she has also made our culture accessible to a global market place.

It is thus, by embracing her heritage, that Hana has created a global environment for growth.

Hana commented:

I discovered that although in Iraq abayas were made/ designed by men in the past, the weavers of the material were generally women.

"These women were forbidden to work outside their homes. Recognizing this cultural barrier, I have tried to create a win-win situation, using this ‘hidden’ workforce to support the Hana Sadeq fashion label.

"Today many Jordanian, Iraqi and Syrian women help create my designs. Forbidden from working outside their homes, they create beautiful sewing and embroidery.

"Our work is like a music recital; I am the maestro and the ladies around me are the players in sewing and embroidery, together we are Hana Sadeq.”

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