PM Drops Lawsuits Against Journalists

By John Lee.

Prime Minister Haider al- Abadi has ordered the dropping of all publishing lawsuits previously filed by his office against journalists and reporters.

In a statement, his office said:

"This order comes out of the Prime Minister's commitment to freedom of expression and support to the press as being the fourth power, which diagnoses and evaluates the government's work.

"It also represents [the] PM's desire that media takes a major role in constructing the country and building a public opinion that serves the orientations of citizens to live a decent life and enthusiasm for the unity, stability and sovereignty of Iraq.

"On this occasion, we call on media and journalists to manifest responsible expression and contribute effectively to straighten work toward building state institutions that the current government and the Prime Minister seek to achieve, and the media which we trust so much be the tool that contributes to attain our access to what we seek to our people."

(Source: Office of the Prime Minister)

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