US Considers Upgrades for Iraqi Tanks

By Patrick Schmidt.

Like the United States, Iraq’s main battle tank is the M1A1 Abrams, manufactured by General Dynamics.

The United States Army is considering providing additional technology for Iraqi tanks including mine clearing blades/rollers, heavy-duty armor tiles, stronger belly armor, as well as other features. Many of these features will assist in the fight against the Islamic State (IS, ISIS,  ISIL).

Currently Iraq has 140 M1A1 tanks with an additional six on the way for delivery.

The process of upgrading and then training Iraqis about the new features could be completed within 18 months of contractors arriving in country.

The Defense Department is still researching the cost of the project. The project is also contingent on congressional approval and appropriate funding from the Iraqi government.

(Source: Bloomberg)

(Picture: M1A1 Abrams tank being delivered at Umm Qasr, August 2010)

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