Iraq to Double Exports of Kirkuk Crude

By John Lee.

Fouad Hussein, a member of the Kirkuk provincial council’s oil and gas committee, has told Bloomberg that Iraq will double shipments of Kirkuk crudein the coming few weeks” from about 150,000 bpd currently to 300,000 bpd.

To achieve this, he said that it will be necessary to install a new pipeline network to connect oil fields in Kirkuk and link them to the Kurdish region’s export pipeline to Turkey.

But giving a very different schedule, he told the Anadolu Agency:

“The existing pipelines are old and can deliver only 175,000 barrels of oil daily. Thus, the construction of a new pipeline between the Kirkuk and Kurdish region began and is expected to be complete in June.”

(Source: Bloomberg, Anadolu Agency)

(Oil pipeline image via Shutterstock)

10 Responses to Iraq to Double Exports of Kirkuk Crude

  1. Carl 15th January 2015 at 16:03 #

    How can you increase the export in a few weeks if a new pipeline network is needed? What sort of Baghdad Bob is talking like this? A few weeks = 18 months?