Kerry is Lobbied on US Rice for Iraq

By John Lee.

Mississippi’s congressional delegation has asked Secretary of State John Kerry to help encourage Iraq to buy more US-produced rice.

According to a report from Clarion Ledger, they have asked for diplomatic assistance to improve trade relations with the Iraqi Grain Board (IGB), which is expected to soon begin accepting bids on a new tender to buy 30,000 metric tons of rice.

The board has significantly reduced its purchases of rice from the US in recent years, opting instead for what the report describes as higher-priced rice from other nations.

A letter signed by 36 Senate and House members asserts that the IGB has not indicated that American rice is deficient in quality, grade or price, and says the Iraqi authorities have provided no explanation for their decision.

(Source: Clarion Ledger)

(Rice image via Shutterstock)

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