Canadian Amb. Pledges Support to KRG

The Canadian Ambassador to Iraq, Mr Bruno Saccomani and his accompanying delegation today visited the KRG Department of Foreign Relation to brief Minister Falah Mustafa on Canada’s military, humanitarian, and developmental support and to discuss the future of bilateral relations between Canada and Kurdistan.

Ambassador Saccomani said, “The government of Canada has been very supportive of providing humanitarian and military assistance for the Kurdistan Region. Things are going much better than they were a month ago. We are in this fight with you and we will support you till the end.”

He added, “Canada has decided to provide an extra 40 million dollars for the refugees and displaces people in the Kurdistan Region. We are also looking into the best possible ways that we can support the rehabilitation process of the Yezidis who have endured severe psychological trauma.”

“We are involved in a four developmental projects with relative authorities in the Kurdistan Region including the renovation of 700 schools in Duhok as well as working with KRG’s financial institutions to improve banking system,” the ambassador commented.

Minister Mustafa thanked Ambassador Saccomani for the practical efforts that Canada has made in helping to support the development of the Kurdistan Region and commended the Ambassador on his personal contribution as well.

He stated, “I very much appreciate the generosity of the Government of Canada to provide mlitary and humanitarian assistance for KRG. Canada has played a very positive role since the beginning of security and humanitarian challneges in Kurdistan.”

Both sides discussed the crimes committed against religious and ethnic minorities, in particulare Yezidis, by the terrorists of Daesh. Ambassador Saccomani expressed his readiness to support KRG’s efforts in obtaining international recognition of these crimes as acts of genocide.

They spoke in detail of potential areas of cooperation between Kurdistan and Canada and expressed strong desire to further strengthen bilateral ties in all fields.

(Source: KRG)

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