Moderate Islam Pushes Back Extremism

A pro-IS group organized protests in Gaza City against the Islamic silence toward Charlie Hebdo's crime of mocking the prophet. The demonstrations led to clashes with the Hamas-affiliated police and the arrest of some demonstrators. The Salafist movement supporting the demonstration said that Hamas’ acts go against the principle of loyalty to the prophet of Islam.

In Iran, the hard-line Ansar Hezbollah group gave its blessing to the killing of Charlie Hebdo's staff and deemed the attack a victory for the prophet of Islam. In an article published in its newspaper, Yalasarat, the group pointed out that earlier operations against Rushdie carried out by members loyal to Iran were similar to the Charlie Hebdo murders.

The most prominent of these was the young Hezbollah-affiliated Lebanese Mustafa Mazeh, who attempted to kill Rushdie in August 1989. The operation failed and led to the death of the young man himself. It is worth mentioning that some hard-line Iranian institutions still commemorate Mazeh's attempt on their official websites.

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