Foreign Min Receives US Senator Croker

Foreign Minister, Dr. Ibrahim Al Jaafari, received on February 17, 2015 Chairman of the U.S. Senates' Foreign Relations Committee, Senator Bob Croker, and his accompanying delegation.

The two sides discussed the political and security status in Iraq and the international efforts to support Iraq in its war against the terrorist Islamic State (IS) gangs.

Jaafari called for uniting the international efforts to eliminate terrorism, pointing that the terrorists of IS belong to different world countries and that makes the world countries responsible for combating terrorism and supporting any country that suffers from it, asserting that Iraq will overcome the hurdles that impede the progress of the democratic process through concerting the blocs and national figures.

For his part, Croker confirmed that the Iraqi government's efforts, the international support, and boosting the national reconciliation will contribute in eliminating IS, referring that his country will continue supporting Iraq till it restores security and stability.

(Source: MoFA)

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