PM Barzani "Fully Committed to Baghdad Agreement"

Kurdistan Region Prime Minister, Nechirvan Barzani told the press that Kurdistan Regional Government is committed to the agreement reached between Erbil and Baghdad last December on oil export and Kurdistan Region's share in the 2015 federal budget.

In a meeting held yesterday with representatives of media outlets in Kurdistan Region, Prime Minister Barzani highlighted the technical and political problems and obstacles which stood as impediments to the implementation of the budget law.

Prime Minister Barzani stated that the KRG will exert all its efforts to overcome the problems and obstacles that hamper the implementation of the agreement, adding that the Kurdistan Region’s priority is to resolve the outstanding issues with the federal government and the implementation of 2015 budget law. This is in the interest of the Kurdistan Region and the rest of Iraq.

Prime Minister Barzani said, however, if the Iraqi government was not to honour the agreement, the Kurdistan Region will have no other options but to look elsewhere for solutions. He reaffirmed that the Kurdistan Region has so far honoured its obligations towards Baghdad.

Regarding the Kurdistan Region’s oil policy, the Prime Minister stressed that it is in line with Iraqi federal constitution and that the Kurdistan Region will use all its constitutional rights regarding the oil sector and will not waive its constitutional rights.

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