UK Hails Courage of Peshmerga

In the context of his visit to Britain, Minister Falah Mustafa, the Head of KRG Foreign Relations met with Tobias Ellwood, Middle East Minister at the Foreign Office, and during their meeting both sides discussed the current situation in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq and the threats of the terrorist organization of Daesh.

The Head of KRG Foreign Relations pointed to the victories of the Kurdistan Peshmerga forces, he said, "however, the Daesh terrorists threat has a constant influence on the situation and we should unite and harness our capabilities to eliminate these terrorists," also said:

"The elimination of Daesh should be our goal in this war , not to resist or weaken them, for being a tireless threat to all the world, and, if it is not eliminated entirely, their threats will be more day-to-day and they will intensify their attacks on the region and the world."

He added: "In order to achieve this goal, the Peshmerga forces should be provided with the heavy weapons and further training, to be able to direct effective blows to the terrorists. With regard to the liberation of the city of Mosul, Minister Falah Mustafa noted that the Peshmerga forces can play a significant role in this process, but on the Iraqi side the private component of the Sunni should have a major role and there should be more preparations for it."

Minister Falah Mustafa ruled out the possibility of eliminating Daesh by military means only, but by cutting off supplies of financial and economic sources also ideological, and added that the Iraqi government must work not to marginalize the Sunni component. They should have a role in the political process in Iraq.

On the other hand he expressed the resentment for the government and the people of Kurdistan regarding the non-participation of the Kurds in the international anti Daesh coalition Conference held recently in London. He said; you must take into consideration the role of political leadership and the Kurdistan Peshmerga in the war against Daesh and change the balance of power, because the Peshmerga was able to defeat these terrorists and weaken their power.

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