Bogus University Grads Clog Job Market

Meanwhile, unemployed graduates have created pages on social networking sites to draw attention to their cause and stay in touch with each other. On Facebook some established what they call “a national campaign to demand the appointment of senior certificate holders in Iraq” to pressure government agencies to provide job opportunities.

An investigative report published by Al-Ittihad at the end of 2014 said that the number of unemployed university graduates with doctoral and master's degrees amounts to about 4,000, while the statistics of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in 2014 indicated that there are more than 142,000 educated unemployed, 65% of whom have diplomas, bachelor’s degrees and graduate certificates.

Meanwhile, this month the parliamentary Committee on Education announced that the country needs more than 3,000 postgraduates.

The politician and academic Hani Ashour told Al-Monitor, “Influential parties are sponsoring the distribution of graduate degrees.” He also said, “Illegal academic certificates are being replaced with official certificates.” Ashour explained, “Some higher certificates are awarded by unrecognized universities, which impedes the academic advancement of the country.

Moreover, people with forged certificates are now occupying the ranks of scholars.” According to Ashour, “Iraq is now in the ranks of academically underdeveloped countries.”

Laith Shubbar, an academic adviser in the office of the president, told Al-Monitor, “The large number of universities in Iraq has made higher education available to those who wish to have higher degrees, but this must be subject to professional and academic conditions.”

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