Bogus University Grads Clog Job Market

“There are certificates awarded without examination of the academic level of the student, which is why many graduates are below the level of the academic certificate that they hold,” he said. “The middle management staff is fading, while the number of university graduates is increasing. Even people with basic education are now dreaming of having a Ph.D.”

Ahmed Obaid, coordinator of student affairs at the Biology Faculty at the University of Karbala accused local universities of “accepting students with weak academic credentials and giving them a higher degree in exchange for money.” The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research has threatened these unrecognized universities with prosecution if they continue to open departments and accept students.

The number of universities registered with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research has reached 36, while the number of officially licensed community colleges stands at 43. For the 2013-2014 academic year, the number of freshmen in higher education exceeded 554,000, with the number of graduate students at 30,000. Some charge that education policy is making universities focus on quantity rather than quality.

As a result, large numbers of students are graduating, but many of them with higher degrees lack the scientific and academic proficiency needed for the global economic and social advancement of Iraq.

(University image via Shutterstock)

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