Poll: Does Iran have too much Influence on Iraq

Iran's increasing influence on Iraq is very obvious, commercially, politically and militarily, but did the Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister go too far in claiming that "Iran is Taking Over Iraq"?

The claim has been rejected by Iraq's Foreign Minister, who also pointed to his country's improving relations with Saudi Arabia.

But what do, our readers, think? Please let us know your thoughts in this poll, and in the comments section below:

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(Iran/Iraq image via Shutterstock)

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5 Responses to Poll: Does Iran have too much Influence on Iraq

  1. urukiiraqi 13th March 2015 at 21:36 #

    Instead, the real question should be asked:
    Does Saudi Arabia have too much Influence on creating ISIS and the wars in Syria and Iraq in the first place?
    Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Jordan, Turkey, and other regional and international intelligence agencies (well known to every civilized human being on this planet) helped create DAESH or ISIS and not just Iran. First they created this unnecessary war in Syria, and when their EVIL plan did not prevail and instead failed, they expanded and exported this destructive, inhuman, unjust and destabilizing war into neighboring Iraq and possibly beyond… Let us all be honest and be real about this!
    Iran is not taking over Iraq like some 2-bit unprofessional politician (with no credentials to his name whatsoever except deep pockets from petrodollars) from a desert country (with no history or worthy contributions to mankind) are ignorantly and foolishly trying to suggest… Iran is helping their neighbors (be it Iraq or Syria) to the west to put off a big fire that started by WE-NOW-KNOW-WHO that may one day engulf their country as well
    It is strange and peculiar how that same fire does not move southward and down to Jordan, the Arabian Peninsula and the Gulf States?
    Who are you going to blame for the current wars in Libya and in North Africa on? You think it is only Iran again!!