Reforming Iraq’s National Grid

Report first published in, the magazine for Iraqi women everywhere.

By Dr. Basil Al-Fakhri, formerly of the Electricity Power Commission-IRAQ [1988-1989], consultant in Western power Utility, KBR consultant and SMEC consultant-Australia[2004-2012].

It is my belief that the Ministry of Electricity [ME] needs to engage with international consulting firms (this is what happens with oil contracts).

These consultation periods should last no less than 10 years and should explore planning, studies, production, transmission, and distribution.

It is suggested that countries such as Britain, Sweden, Germany, France and Japan. should take the lead in this as they have accumulated expertise for systems which can be implemented in Iraq.

In addition, these consulting utilities firm possess advanced training in power generation and supply, and hence this will put Iraq on the right track also. Indeed, if we plan wisely we can leapfrog other nations in the region – overtaking Libya and Jordan, Turkey, Iran and Saudi Arabia as market leaders.

Implementation of the right kind of technology at every stage will of course play a crucial part.

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