France to give KRG Advanced Weapons

Following the meeting with the French President, a broad public meeting was held later in the evening between the Ministry of Peshmerga delegation and a large number of well known French personalities, writers, intellectuals, friends of the Kurdish people, as well as members of the Kurdish community in France. In this meeting the Minister of Peshmerga and the members of the Kurdistan Region military delegation briefed the audience about their visit to France and the current situation and developments in the war against terrorism.

Earlier, the Kurdistan Regional Government Representation in France hosted a meeting for the Minister of Peshmerga Affairs with researchers and experts from the French Institute for International Relations, IFRI.

The visiting delegation from the Kurdistan Region also visited the prestigious Institute of Advanced Studies in National Defence. The delegation was received by the President of the Institute, and held a meeting at the office that was once used by Napoleon Bonaparte as well as Marshall Joseph Joffre the General Commander of the coalition forces during the First World War.

On the last day of its visit, the Ministry of Peshmerga Affairs delegation met the French parliamentary group of Study on Kurdistan Region of Iraq, headed by former French Minister Pierre Lellouche. The Minister of Peshmerga Affairs briefed the French parliamentary group about the latest political and military situation in the Kurdistan Region, in particular the situation in the battlefronts against ISIS. Lellouche said that as head of this parliamentary group and as a member of the opposition in France, he fully supports the Kurdistan Region in its war against terrorism.

(Source: KRG)

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