Foreign Minister Arrives to Belarus

Foreign Minister Ibrahim Al Jaafari arrived in the Belarusian Capital, Minsk, on Wednesday on an official visit upon an invitation from his Belarusian Counterpart, Vladimir Makei.

Minister Jaafari stressed that the aim of the visit is to bolster Iraqi-Belarusian relations as part of the Iraqi foreign policy due to the joint interests in addition to working on opening the Belarusian Embassy in Baghdad.

Issues for discussion include terrorism and the necessity to support Iraq in its war against terrorism, and agreements are expected to be signed in the areas of agriculture and sports.

The Minister will meet a number of Belarussian officials; the Belarus President, Alexander Lukashenko, Chairman of the Republican Council, Michael Vladimirovic, Prime Minister Andre Kobykov, and Foreign Minister, as well as meeting the Iraqi community there.

(Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs)


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