Iraq Blocks Turkish Poultry Imports

By John Lee.

The Iraqi government has been undertaking "a series of policy twists to restrict the exports of poultry products from Turkey."

The chairman of the Turkish Poultry Promotion Group, Müjdat Sezer, part of the country’s Ministry of Economy, told GlobalMeatNews:

"Iraq decided to stop all imports of full chickens from Turkey. We don’t know the reason yet, but we’re currently investigating the situation with the Iraqi ministry.

"It’s likely that Iraq is trying to preserve its domestic production of poultry. I think this problem will be solved, but it will take a little time.

"The Iraqi market is very changeable and doesn’t make long-term decisions in the usual way of most countries. I’m optimistic about the outcome."

Iraq repealed a recent major increase in import tariffs, from $35 to $295 per tonne, only to halt all full chicken imports from Turkey from 8th April, but continues to allow the import of chicken pieces.

UN data showed that last year Turkish producers exported around 227,000 tonnes of poultry to Iraq, generating around $443 million in receipts.

(Source: GlobalMeatNews)

(Poultry image via Shutterstock)

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