NIC Calls for Grand Faw Port Investment

Ministry of Transport has announce the investment opportunity of constructing the Major Port of Faw (Al Faw Grand Port) according to investment law No. 13 for the year 2006, amended and its regulations.


Project location: Faw Peninsula, Abdullah Khor beach, South of Iraq

Project total area: 40 thousand donum

Port area: 54 KM²

Designed Capacity:

  • Container terminal of 16 km length with total capacity of 25 million container/year
  • Bulk terminal of 5 km length with total capacity of 55 million ton/year
  • General cargo terminal of 4 km length with total capacity of 4 million ton/ year
  • Oil derivatives terminal of 6 km length with total capacity of 230 thousand barrel/ day

Note: the port is designed for oil products, commercial and industrial purpose but not for crude oil

Cost of project:

Total cost of the project is 7 billion Euros

  • Eastern and western wave brakes phase have been funded from the general budget with total amount of 720,000,000 Euros
  • The total cost of the first phase that make the port ready to operate is 2,370,000,000 Euros

Note: the land is already allocated for the project

Interested investors are required to submit their offers to the investment section in the ministry of transport or the project management office in Basra either directly by hand or through the emails shown below with enclosing the following documents:

  • Interest letter
  • Introductory profile of the investing firm
  • A statement of the financing plan and its sources
  • Project plan mechanism of running the project

Within 60 days from the date of publishing this announcement, applications shall be technically and financially evaluated, while the finally elected appliers shall be required to submit a 5 million $ letter of credit as a condition to start negotiations to ensure seriousness.

Investment section: [email protected]

Project management office: [email protected]

(Source: NIC)

Al Faw Grand Port 1 (NIC, Technital)

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  1. Ed 24th May 2015 at 09:12 #

    why iraq Trans ministry dont arrange a contract with oil ministry to force the foreigner companies staff fly on iraq air ways , than use foreigner air
    its lot of millions you can save and earn too.
    and Iraq Airline will have good business