Tishknet Expands Alepo Partnership

Alepo has announced that Sulaymaniya-based Tishknet has extended its Alepo policy, charging and CRM solution to provide support for its existing WiMAX services in addition to its future LTE network.

The announcement follows a partnership agreement signed earlier this year between Tishknet and Alepo for a complete LTE core network.

With this project expansion, Tishknet has implemented a single core network and IT solution for both WiMAX and LTE services, significantly reducing capital and operational expenses related to its evolving 4G portfolio.

Dan Stern, VP of Sales at Alepo, commented on the evolution from WiMAX to LTE:

“We work closely with many service providers that are planning a gradual transition from WiMAX to LTE. The ability to reuse infrastructure in a convergent environment and to gracefully migrate from one technology to another are two critical factors of a successful and efficient transition.”

Rasty Mazhar, CTO of Tishknet, added:

“Iraqi Kurdistan is an area of rapid growth, with customers increasingly looking for faster, more personalized services ... With Alepo’s convergent solutions, we are best positioned to deliver innovative services today and into the future as technologies and market trends evolve.”

(Source: Alepo)

(WiMAX image via Shutterstock)

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