All You Need is ...

By Karima H’mimsa.

This is an extract from an article originally published by Nina Iraq, and is reproduced here with permission.

Iraqi women continue to face widespread instances of gender based violence.

According to the information provided by a number of governmental and non-governmental sources to UNAMI(report on human rights in Iraq) , the main forms of violence against women and girls included, but were not limited to, physical abuse, killing and so-called honour killing, trafficking, early marriages, and female genital mutilation.

One in five women (21%) aged 15- 49 has suffered physical violence at the hands of husbands, 33% have suffered emotional violence, and 83% have been subjected to controlling behaviour by their husbands.

Many of the issues related to the violation of women’s rights arise from entrenched cultural traditions and social practices. A 2009 youth survey showed 68% of young Iraqi men believe that it is acceptable to kill a girl for profaning a family’s honour, while 50% believe wife beating is acceptable.

Meanwhile, young Iraqi women and men cited family upbringing (40%), religion (37%) and the law (35%) as major factors that would help prevent violence against women, considerably more than the media (6%) or schools (3%).

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