FM Opens New Consulate Building in LA

Foreign Minister Dr. Ibrahim al-Jaafari, accompanied by Consul General Ahmad Nazem Jawad, has opened the new building of the General Consulate of the Republic of Iraq in Los Angeles.

The opening ceremony was carried out by ribbon-cutting and unveiling a plaque chronicling the opening date.

The minister, in the presence of the guests, toured the new building facilities. He checked the services provided by the consult to Iraqi community citizens, who live in multiple states In America. After that, some of verses of Holy Quran were read, along with hoisting the Iraqi flag and the national anthems of Iraq and America were played.

The Minister stressed in a speech during this occasion on the role of the mission in strengthening the bilateral relations between Iraq and the United States and developing them; in addition to, providing services to the Iraqi community who have become looking forward to all of our diplomatic missions delegations as those who would host them and provide all they need, according to the law.

He also pointed out that Iraq is undergoing a difficult phase of confrontation due to witnessing the most dangerous attacks; that is made by, the terrorist organization of Daash, which threatens the whole world. He praised victories achieved by our security forces to expel those terrorists and regain territories usurped by Daash.

Speeches by the attendants also had been delivered included praising the role of the Iraqi Foreign Ministry in general and the Consulate General in particular, for their cooperation and support of the community there.

(Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

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