Severn Valve Solutions hits Landmark Achievements

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Southern Iraq’s pre-eminent valve engineering specialist was recently awarded its fourth contract for valve management in the Rumaila field. It has also achieved its mid-term target for workforce localisation.

Severn Valve Solutions is an authority in valve performance, compliance and reliability.

The business draws on 50 years of OEM valve expertise, 30 years’ valve management experience and 20 years in Iraqi service operations. Its defining feature is a marriage of technical expertise and local knowledge and infrastructure.

Two core drivers are central to Severn Valve Solutions’ operations:

  1. Solving complex technical challenges with innovative valve engineering and management strategies
  2. Long-term localisation of skills.

To date, Severn Valve Solutions has been appointed by Rumaila Operating Organization (ROO) and Basra Gas Company. Contracts cover management of valve maintenance, safety compliance support and technical services. The aim is to assist in the improvement of plant output and reliability with best-in-class valve technologies and engineering skill.

A key performance indicator is the enablement of local employees to supervise operations in collaboration with a small number of technical experts from overseas.

The business creates opportunities for both skilled and unskilled local nationals through a strategic framework of recruitment and training. Resident employees progressively take on higher levels of responsibility. As their technical capability increases the need for expatriate support diminishes. This skills development work is provided from a Valve Training Centre in North Rumaila and is formally accredited to UK NVQ standard through a UK accreditation body.

Severn Valve Solutions is headquartered in Dubai and has a registered office in Basra. Its Rumaila based facility incorporates a 1,000m2 repair shop, well-furnished containerised mobile workshops and specialist diagnostic equipment for in situ repair and maintenance as well as a staff of more than 50 multidiscipline personnel. An experienced support team manages shipping, security, equipment mobilisation, Visas and other logistics matters.

The business has invested heavily in Southern Iraq since it was established in 2012. More than $5m has been spent on equipment and $10m on infrastructure. It is fully committed to long-term goals of maximising the uptime of established plant and enhancing the technical skills of the local workforce.

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