Italian Dredgers for Iraq

By John Lee.

Italian dredger builder Italdraghe and its consortium partner CPN are building three dredgers for the Iraqi Ministry of Water Resources.

Work is already well underway on one Italdraghe SGT 400 D (pictured) and two Italdraghe SGT 300 RB diesel cutter suction dredgers, all designed specifically for the Ministry’s river, sea and dam projects.

According to a report from Sand and Gravel, the SGT 400 D is able to dredge down to 10m, features a spud carriage, anchor booms, telescopic deck crane, Isotta Fraschini and Iveco engines, positioning and surveying system plus prodution measuring equipment.

The two self-propelled SGT 300 RB dredgers, with similar onboard equipment but with submerged dredge pumps, can work at depths of up to 25m.

Each dredger will be supplied together with 500m of floating and onshore HDPE pipeline, a training package and comprehensive set of spare parts.

The dredgers will go on to join other Italdraghe equipment already supplied to Iraq, where an Italdraghe SF250 B multi-functional dredger has already been working for over 20 years.

(Source: Sand and Gravel)

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