Iran, Iraq to Cooperate on Environment

By John Lee.

The head of Iran’s Department of the Environment, Masoumeh Ebtekar, and Iraq’s Minister of the Environment, Ibrahim Turki al-Juburi (Qutaiba al-Jibouri), have met to search for solutions to the environmental issues affecting the countries.

According to the report from BasNews, the Ministers discussed the dust storms that blanket the region, particulate pollution, and the associated health problems they cause.

They called on the Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Program, Achim Steiner, to establish a permanent fund to address these twin concerns, and agreed to greater collaboration to tackle the issues.

Al-Juburi asked for the creation of specialist workshops where Iran could educate Iraqi environmentalists.

Recognition was given to attempts to register the Hour-al Hawizeh Wetland as a UNESCO World Heritage site, the establishment of a green belt around Karbala, and a plan to clean up the Arvand river.

The meeting was concluded with a proposal to create a ‘Peace and Friendship Park’ on the Iraq – Iran border.

(Source: BasNews)

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