Iran to Drill Iraqi Oil and Gas Fields?

By John Lee.

The head of the state-run Iraqi Drilling Company (IDC), Idriss Mohsin al-Yasiri, is reported to have held closed-door talks with the  CEO of Iran’s North Drilling Company, Hedayatollah Khademi.

According to Iran's PressTV, Al-Yasiri said the Iranian company was able to provide a “full cycle of services”, and said he expected the two sides to begin cooperation on vertical and directional drilling.

Yasiri said North Drilling could cooperate with private Iraqi companies, which do not need the Iraqi parliament’s approval for foreign partnerships, adding that IDC was ready to coordinate possible tie-ups for an enduring presence in the Iraqi oil industry.

The aim is to promote joint cooperation between Iraq and the Islamic Republic of Iran,” he said.

(Source: PressTV)

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