Restrata wins $1.2m Network Deal

Restrata has been awarded a $1.2 million dollar (1.4 billion Iraqi dinar) contract to deploy a new managed internet network across six locations in Iraq, including West Qurna 2 Oilfield, Baghdad, Basra Central and Iraq Energy City.

This new managed network enables Restrata to provide their clients with IP connectivity required to access bandwidth-hungry services and applications. The network will be managed over unlicensed microwave frequency and carrier grade leased capacity on multiple routes out of Iraq and into our partner’s European network and POP’s.

Marc Merchant, Head of Sales for Satellites Communications, said:

This award is a significant win for Restrata especially with the current economic changes and hostilities that are present in Iraq.

“The deciding factors for this award were Restrata’s security capabilities as well as their long-term presence and combination of expertise in the communications field. With seven routes leaving Iraq, the network offers the highest level of resilience, consistency and uptime of the network which is paramount to the clients’ demands.”

A vastly diverse and qualified team will deliver the three-year project with Restrata’s partner at the six different locations, with work commencing by end of June 2015. The project will also include professional services, maintenance and operations that support throughout the life cycle.

The oil and gas sector has a high demand to immediately access business-critical information and applications,” said Merchant. “To connect to critical services and share information between branches, they require secure and reliable means of connectivity; a service that Restrata is proud to say we can supply across Iraq, even providing coverage in the most hostile and remote locations.”

The project will also include professional services, maintenance and operations support throughout the life cycle.

(Source: Restrata)

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