$2.5m for Economic Development of Rural Women

State Minister for Women Affairs Ms. Baiyan Nouri and UN Women Representative Dr. Syed Sadiq in partnership with FAO, UNFPA and UNESCO today signed a Joint Project on “Socio-Economic Development of Rural Women”.

The joint project aims at strengthening and enhancing the socio-economic status of rural women and young girls in selected governorates in Iraq.

The programme will adopt a Four-Prong strategy, including:

  1. Teaching literacy and basic social and functional life-skills;
  2. Creating a cadre of female agricultural outreach workers in pilot governorates who can promote life skills and agricultural skills to increase their productivity and income, as well as setting up agricultural productive groups among selected rural women and young girls;
  3. Setting up a network of ‘Rural Women Volunteers’ capable of conducting community mobilization targeting their neighbouring women and girls on women’s rights, reproductive health and Gender-based Violence issues;
  4. Empowering a network of women leaders and establishing of local/rural women associations/collectives in targeted districts and villages as well as of self-help groups among selected rural women able to offer support among them.

In addition, the programme will provide special focus to the most vulnerable rural women and girls, including internally displaced and female headed households.

Rural women in Iraq face compound challenges which impede their participation and the realization of their rights at various levels. The joint programme aims to support women in marginalized rural communities that are hindered by limited access to resources and services.

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