One Team, One Dream, for Iraqi Children

Building on the energy created by a coalition of  four veteran-led organizations, the Iraqi Children Foundation (ICF) and its "Soccer Salam" partners announced this week the launch of  "One Team, One Dream" to provide $20,000 more in aid to Iraqi kids and families fleeing ISIS.

After a December airlift of 5 tons of winter aid and soccer balls, the Soccer Salam coalition - ICF, EPIC, Karadah Project, and Goals and Dreams - moved next to address critical gaps in humanitarian aid for those fleeing Anbar by providing clean water, "peace baskets" of food, other aid and - of course, for the children - more soccer balls!

"We are on a roll," said Jonathan Webb, Chairman of ICF.  "Even the smallest gift done with great love for the children of Iraq will make a difference."

New funds raised will help provide more food and water, as well as shoes, tents. health care, and even shower/toilet facilities.

ICF is raising $5,000 toward the coalition's $20,000 goal.  Will you help by donating or sharing our Facebook post?

(Source: ICF)

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