Antonoil Wins $140m Iraq Contract

By John Lee.

China’s Anton Oilfield Services Group (Antonoil) has announced that the Group has received a notification from an oil company customer operating oilfield projects in south Iraq,  adding that "the general contract is awarded to Antonoil for the provision of oilfield workover and completion services".

A press release from the company continued:

"Internal approval procedures have been undergoing at this point in time for the finalization of the said contract by the parties concerned.

"The contract, with an estimated value of USD140 million [163 billion Iraqi dinars], covers workover and completion services and acidizing service wells.

"According to the pre-set schedule, the project is expected to commence in the first half of 2016, with services offered spanning for a term of 3 years.

"As the Group had obtained from the customer a letter of commitment on the project and further initialed the contract, as soon as the formal signing of contract is sealed to conclude the final stage of project confirmation, the Group will kick off preliminary preparation for the project in the short run."

(Source: Antonoil)

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