Ergil Complete Gharraf Maintainance

By Simon Kent.

Turkish oil and gas services company Ergil have announced the completion of a project with Petronas, to provide pipeline maintenance via "pigging" at the Gharraf oil field in Thi Qar province.

Gharraf is operated by Petronas, Japex and North Oil Company, and the services Ergil provided installing "pig launchers" and "pig receivers" were provided to the 13km Gharraf-Badra pipeline.

"Pigs" are devices inserted into oil and gas pipelines to remove sediment and scaling, and are considered a more efficient and environmentally friendly way of cleaning pipes compared to flushing them with chemicals and water.

As of February 2015, there is now a Thi Qar oil company who are also working on the Gharraf field.

(Source: ERGIL)


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