Iran, Iraq Foreign Ministers Meet

On the sideline of the UN General Assembly meetings, Iraqi foreign affairs minister Dr. Al-Jaafari met his Iranian counterpart, Mr. Mohammed Javad Zarif.

During the meeting, they discussed the bilateral relations and horizons to promote them in the interest of the two neighbouring countries; in addition to, discussing the political and security situations in the region and the world, the International community's role in solving crises and assisting countries affected by terror, the impact of the Iranian nuclear agreement on the stability of the region and emphasizing the need to concrete diplomatic efforts to solve the Syrian crisis.

The minister asserted the need to adopt political solutions and ignore the military ones, provide assistance regarding various fields for countries affected by terrorism, adding:

"Terrorism threatens all states and excludes none, unless there are real and serious positions taken against terror; its circle shall be extended.

"Da'esh terrorists come from more than 100 states which means that we are distinctively engaged in a global war, and the whole world must mobilize to confront  this threat regarding the political, military, media and humanitarian fields."

While, the Iranian foreign minister asserted the match of visions in the need to adopt the political solutions and supporting countries stricken by terrorism, asserting the readiness of Iran to provide support and assistance to achieve security and stability.

(Source: Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

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