Basra Gas Company Wins Flaring Reduction Award

The Basrah Gas Company (BGC) has been awarded the World Bank’s prestigious Global Gas Flaring Reduction Partnership (GGFR) Excellence Award for 2015.

The GGFR Excellence Award recognises governments, oil companies and other organisations that have made a significant contribution to gas flaring reduction in the upstream sector of the industry through associated gas utilisation projects, partnerships, and innovative use of technology or business approaches.

Speaking about the award Deputy Minister of Oil for Gas Affairs, Dr. Hamid Younis said:

“I am very pleased to hear that BGC has won the GGFR Excellence Award. The company has achieved a lot in the two years it has been in existence. Already we can see a significant drive towards delivering on the Government’s mandate to turn flared gas into a valuable asset for the people of Iraq”.

Simon Daman Willems, BGC Managing Director, said:

“I am very proud of what we have achieved since our foundation in 2013; currently we are on course to achieve 30 years of maintenance work inside just a few years. We have already doubled capacity from our assets and will continue to work side by side with our Iraqi colleagues to double our capacity further.”

(Source: Basrah Gas)

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