Intertek Wins Inspection Contract from South Oil

By John Lee.

British-based quality consultant Intertek has won a third party inspection procurement contract for the South Oil Company (SOC).

Accoring to a report from OilVoice, it is the first time the SOC has appointed a third party inspection company to help ensure the quality and safety of all their projects, which are contracted to various oil and gas companies.

Intertek's scope of work includes conducting inspections of components and materials used by SOC-managed oil and gas companies.

The company's staff will verify the quality of products and processes throughout the supply chain, from the sourcing of materials through to the manufacturing and fabrication of products.

Some of the technical inspection services will take place at the factories to oversee the way the production process is piloted and to ensure it complies with international standards and adhere to the specifications set by the client. Other inspections and testing will be conducted in Intertek laboratories across the world.

Hussain Al-Atrakchi, Intertek Vice President of Industry Services, Middle East, North Africa and West Asia, said:

'We are pleased to be engaged in the testing and inspection of the materials used all projects conducted by SOC".

(Source: OilVoice)

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