Mansour Bank Opts for ICSFS Software

By John Lee.

ICS Financial Systems Limited (ICSFS), the global software and services provider for banks and financial institutions, announces that Mansour Bank for Investment, an Iraq-based bank and its partner, Qatar National Bank (QNB) (owns 51%), has selected its global awards winning flagship ICS BANKS to replace its core banking and IT systems.

The signing ceremony took place in Beirut, Lebanon where Chairman at Mansour Bank for Investment; Mr Mahdi Mohammed Jawad Al Rahim, General Manager at Mansour Bank for Investment; Mr. Abdal-Ahad Butres Toma and a number of experts and senior staff of the bank, accompanied with Executive Director for Business Development at ICSFS; Mr. Wael Malkawi, agreed to commence this project towards a real and comprehensive transformation that will enhance Mansour Bank’s performance. With this move, Mansour Bank for Investment will join ICS BANKS family in Iraq, as most of the Iraqi and international banks in Iraq are already banking on ICS BANKS.

Mr Mahdi Mohammed Jawad Al Rahim, Chairman, Mansour Bank for Investment, commented:

“Mansour Bank for Investment place technology and the development of human resources in the first place to ensure providing the most modern banking services to customers. We are pleased to confirm our partnership with ICS Financial Systems (ICSFS), for implementing the latest and best reached banking solutions from ICS BANKS, to meet our clients' various banking needs in the Financial Market; especially the Iraqi Market, as ICS BANKS has a proven track record in Iraq.”

Mr. Abdal-Ahad Butres Toma, General Manager, Mansour Bank for Investment, said:

“Our aim is to provide different banking services in the light of the current Laws and Regulations, and to be an active contributor in supporting the growing march of building Iraq’s economy. That is why we have chosen ICS BANKS from ICS Financial Systems. With its extensive experience in the Iraq’s banking and financial sector, we are very confident that by using ICS BANKS we will increase the efficiency of our various financial operations, improve our competitive advantage in the Iraqi financial market and achieve our major goals and future plans."

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