Dhi Qar Signs MoU with Korean Firms for Infrastructure

The local government in Dhi Qar province has signed a memorandum of understanding with a number of Korean companies in various fields, notably investment, infrastructure, and construction of residential complexes.

The head of Dhi Qar province Council, Hamid Naeem Gizi said in a statement:

"After series of meetings with a group of Korean companies , today we signed a memorandum of understanding between the local government in the province and the Investment Authority on one hand and Korean companies on the other hand to implement investment projects in housing and industry areas , roads, bridges and infrastructure. "

"Signing the memorandum is a start to sign contracts and licenses ... these companies are well known and have a long experience in the reconstruction areas and has agreements with the central government, we hope as a local government after the economic crisis to resort to alternatives, including activating the investment side and asylum to efficient and solid foreign companies in the reconstruction field as Korean companies have good knowledge in that.

Al-Gizi expressed the hope of Korean companies to transfer its experience and expertise in order to maintain investment and infrastructure development

(Source: Shafaaq)

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