Canada to assist KRG to Develop Governance

Minister Falah Mustafa and President of Institute on Governance discussed ways of advancing better governance in Kurdistan and consolidating federal system in Iraq.

The president of the Institute, Ms. Maryantonett Flumian, briefed Minister Mustafa on the mission of the institute, which is advancing better governance in the public interest by exploring, developing and promoting the principles, standards and practices which underlie good governance in the public sphere.

She added that the institute has advanced better understanding and practice of good governance in Canada, with federal, provincial, municipal and aboriginal governments, and in 35 other countries including most recent projects in Iraq and Kurdistan Region.

Minister Mustafa highlighted the importance of such projects and their impact on developing governance and bringing about a more dynamic form of interaction between Baghdad and Erbil.

He said that the KRG seeks new ways of governing, engaging partners, and delivering services that take into account modern challenges and understands that in order to move towards modernizing governments, traditional form of governance must be broken down, and new ways must be encouraged.

The institute has been at the frontline of the governance challenges in Iraq over the past four years, having visited Baghdad and Erbil four times to advise the senior bureaucratic and political leadership of the Government of Iraq and Regional Government of Kurdistan on strengthening inter-governmental relations and their respective senior executive services.

Founded in 1990, the Institute on Governance (IOG) is an independent, Canada-based, not-for-profit public interest institution with its head office in Ottawa and an office in Toronto.

(Source: KRG)

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