Jaafari asks Japan to set up Tech Institute in Basra

Foreign Affairs Minister Dr Ibrahim Al-Jaafari met Mr Shinichi Kitaoka the President of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) specialised in technical cooperation within official development assistance program.

This program aims at stimulating the international cooperation, supporting the social and economic development and paying the attention to health, education, technology, communication and information sectors.

The minister commended the (JICA) organisation for training 6800 Iraqi personnel, reiterating his appreciation for the Japanese government for the financial contributions that it had provided for Iraq.

The minister called on the organisation to increase training the Iraqi personnel and establish a technical academy in Basra to support the Iraqi expertise.

His Excellency commended the efforts exerted by the organisation to the international community, particularly, in Iraq, adding:" education is a high priority for achieving growth and developing human resources, which shall be reflected positively on achieving stability."

While, Mr Kitaoka commended the Iraqi government's efforts exerted in the war against the terrorist gangs of Da'esh and efforts of rebuilding Iraq, stressing the keenness of the organisation to continue providing training seminars in various fields and providing assistance to Iraq. Mr Kitaoka affirmed standing with the exerted efforts to counter terrorism.

He also expressed his willingness to visit Iraq to view the challenges that Iraq is facing and the assistance that the organisation can provide, as well as, providing loans for Iraq to develop its vital sectors, praising Dr Al-Jaafari visit to Japan for having an impact on the cooperation between Baghdad and Tokyo.

(Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

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