UN asks for $861m for Humanitarian Aid

The Government of Iraq and the United Nations are jointly launching two plans for 2016: the Government’s “2016 Plan for Relief, Sheltering, and Stabilization” and the UN and partners’ “2016 Iraq Humanitarian Response Plan”.

The Government’s plan outlines the steps that need to be taken to register vulnerable people and to provide legal protection and adequate shelter. The plan includes components on food security, education, health and cash assistance.

The Government’s federal budget is expected to channel 800 billion Iraqi dinars (USD 667 million) through the plan, leaving an estimated deficit of 1,069 billion dinars (USD 891 million).

“With the expanding needs, the allocation through the federal budget will not be sufficient. We expect that the highly prioritized Humanitarian Response Plan will help cover part of the gap”, said Jassim Al-Jaff.

The UN’s Humanitarian Response Plan requests USD 861 million to respond to the most life-threatening needs of 7.3 million people across Iraq. More than 90 humanitarian organizations, including international and national NGOs, UN agencies and international organizations have projects in the plan, which aims to provide emergency packages for the most vulnerable people across the country.

A joint operational plan linking the efforts of the Government and humanitarian organizations is being elaborated.

Iraq 2016 Humanitarian Response Plan downloadable at: https://www.humanitarianresponse.info/en/operations/iraq/document/2016-i…

(Source: Reliefweb)

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