Al-Abadi meets German Business Leaders

Prime Minister Dr. Haider Al-Abadi met business leaders and representatives of German companies in Berlin on Friday morning and welcomed the participation of German companies and investors in the building and reconstruction of Iraq and the development of its economy and the revitalisation of industry, agriculture, housing and other investment opportunities available in most of the provinces that are secure, in addition to the government initiative to restore stability to the liberated cities.

The PM stressed the support and encouragement of the Iraqi government to investors through the creation of a safe environment and appropriate legislation and laws.

The Prime Minister reviewed the government's plans and program for political and economic reform and support for the private sector and to encourage micro-finance and the restructuring of public companies, as well as moving to launch the industrial cities project, in addition to efforts to combat corruption and excess bureaucracy and to stop the waste of public money.

The PM reiterated that Iraqi forces continue to achieve victories against Daesh in spite of the financial crisis due to the collapse in oil prices, noting that Daesh targeted all components of the Iraqi people and it is a gang which does not represent Islam and Muslims.

The Prime Minister answered questions from German business leaders and investors, once again welcoming the expertise of reputable German companies which enjoy the confidence and respect of the Iraqi people.

(Source: Prime Minister's Media Office)

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